How to spot a real Rolex?

If you are looking to buy a Rolex watch, there are many options available. If you have the money, you can just get a new one directly from the manufacturer or authorised dealer. If you want to save some money or get a good deal, you can also buy a pre-owned Rolex from a pawnbroker. In this article, you can learn about how to spot a real Rolex in a pawnshop!

How much is a real Rolex?

Rolex is well-known for producing timepieces that are true works of art. This means that they always charge an exorbitant amount of money for their products so if a vendor offers you a watch at an unusually low price, you could be spending money on a counterfeit Rolex!

Furthermore, if the timepiece you are inspecting does not feel high quality, the vendor is most definitely trying to mislead you with a counterfeit product.  Before buying any product, it is a smart strategy to do your homework on the price of a product with other sources. 

In most countries, the recommended retail price for a vast range of Rolex watches can be viewed on their official website. Please call or visit the closest Official Rolex Retailer if you have any questions regarding the pricing of individual models.

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May I look up the serial number on my Rolex?

Any Rolex watch manufactured in the Rolex manufacturing facility has a genuine Rolex serial number. And if a Rolex duplicate vendor can reproduce the serial number, they can’t reproduce the way Rolex has them engraved.

The Rolex serial numbers are etched perfectly and exactly on its high-quality and sleek metal body, hidden. A counterfeit product, on the other hand, has a carved serial number on the watch which will look clumsy and rough around the edges. 

If you buy something like this, with an unrefined code on it, be cautious and return the product as fast as possible.

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5 ways to authenticate a Rolex

Serial Number

Every genuine Rolex watch has a serial and case reference number. They are normally mentioned on the documents that are provided with the watch as well as on the product. 

If the pre-owned watch you choose to purchase is lacking official documentation, there is a simple solution. Have a look at the watch case between the lugs using a magnifying lens or loupe. 

The details you require may be etched into the specific part of the casing. Based on the year of manufacture, the model and serial numbers can also be etched in other parts of the watch. If you have the details, you can double-check them with Rolex.

The serial number is a 6 to 7 digit string of digits, typically beginning with a letter or with letters within the numbers. The letter shows the year the watch was manufactured. 

Check the Logos

Replicas lack the level of attention to detail that Rolex boasts. This is one of the criteria for deciding whether or not a Rolex watch is genuine. 

Since 2002, the brand has used a tiny crown-etching at the 6 o’clock location in any Rolex watch, on the glass/crystal.  This, along with the broader crown etching, is intended to give the wearer differentiation and exclusivity.

This is an excellent way to authenticate your watch as it is hardly noticeable in the first place.  Even observing it will require the use of a magnifying glass and a light.

Examine all of the parts

If your watch vendor appears to be offering you a genuine Rolex, you can inspect the case back. If you note that the watch has a clear backside, you may be certain that it is a duplicate Rolex. 

Rolex values refinement and the flawless polishing of the watch case back. As a consequence, they don’t use any see-through glass in that particular area.  

In fact, a genuine Rolex watch has a beautiful sleek finish.  The writing on the watch face should conform to the finest Rolex requirements. 

The text on a counterfeit Rolex is visually unappealing and poorly spaced. Examine each section of the text carefully. This is how you can say if the watch you bought is genuine or not.

Listen and watch

Rolex watches have intricately designed inner workings. This is an alternative basis for deciding whether or not a Rolex watch is genuine. 

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t open the back case before you’ve found somebody reliable to do the work.  Position the watch by your ear and wait for any ticking sounds before making a purchase.  

Also, keep in mind that Rolex watches are controlled by an automated movement. This means that if you hear a ticking sound from your Rolex, it’s a fake. 

A real Rolex doesn’t make any sounds.  This is due to the fact that the mechanical movement in a genuine Rolex watch is completely silent.


This is the simplest way to determine the validity of a Rolex watch. You must weigh it to guarantee that you are holding an authentic Rolex. 

An authentic Rolex is built of metal. This illustrates why it feels heavy in your hands.

Furthermore, an authentic Rolex bracelet is of high quality and is extremely well crafted, which contributes weight to the timepiece. It just takes a few seconds to detect a counterfeit Rolex watch by weighing it.  If the watch seems too light, it’s probably a fake.


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If you want to buy a genuine Rolex watch for your money, you need to keep in mind all of the tips shared in this post. Always buy from a reputed professional seller like a pawnshop or pawnbrokers. Good luck with your purchase!