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Cash in on your Richard Mille watch today!
At Prestige Buyers, we take pride in buying and selling the best in designer brands. This extends to our exclusive luxury watch collection. Do you have the timepieces that meet our standards? If you do, you just might be in for a big payout!

Do have a Richard Mille watch?

One of the premiere designer brands we love to buy is Richard Mille. This brand has been dominating the watch scene since it was founded over 20 years ago. If you have a Richard Mille watch, we are ready to buy it!

Why Do You Want My Richard Mille Watch?

The answer is simple. Did you know there is currently a huge demand for Richard Mille luxury watches? That means if you have one, you can trade it in for instant cash at Prestige Buyers!

A Richard Mille watch is typically worth thousands of pounds, so if you have one, you most likely have a lot of money out there waiting for you! How much are you using your watch? If the answer is not much, then you are probably much better off with cash in your hand!

At Prestige Buyers, we are ready to offer you the best prices you’ll find in all of the United Kingdom!


Instant Quote For Your Richard Mille Watch


Richard Mille Watch

How Does It Work

Are you ready to see just how much cash you can get for your Richard Mille watch? All you have to do is come in for an easy and fast appraisal. Bring in any and all paperwork or receipts you have, along with your watch.

From there, we will do a full and complete appraisal. Okay, but you might be wondering, how long is this going to take? At Prestige Buyers, we have the appraisal process down to a fine art. We know how to get you in and out in under an hour.

In less than 60 minutes we will look at the model of your watch. Is it a Richard Mille limited edition or vintage? Which model do you have? And most importantly, what condition is it in? Is it diamond encrusted? Are the diamonds after market or original? All of these will have an impact on your final valuation.

How Do I Get Paid

This is what you really want know, right? After your appraisal is completed, we will make you an offer. As soon as you accept it, all you have to do is hand your Richard Mille watch over. We then will give you your instant cash payout, up to £30k in store!

At Prestige Buyers, we make the entire process easy from start to finish. You won’t find a better price for your watch, or a more reputable broker.


Instant Quote For Your Richard Mille Watch

We’ll Take Any Condition

No matter what condition your Richard Mille watch is in, we can find a buyer. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about the buyers. That’s our job. All you have to do is come in and trade your watch for cash. How much more simple can it get?

Schedule an appointment with us today to come into store or for us to come to you!