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How much cash are you wearing right now?

Do you have a Rolex Yacht-Master? What about a Rolex Datejust? If you own any kind of Rolex watch, chances are you are sitting on thousands of pounds.

At Prestige Buyers, our job is to determine just how much money your Rolex watch is worth, and then we pay you cash. Pretty simple really.

How do you know what my Rolex watch is worth?

Rolex is one of the most valuable names in the luxury timepiece world. We are prepared to give you instant cash in exchange for your Rolex watch, no matter the condition. So, how do we place a value on your specific Rolex? First, we take a look at the make and model. Is it a Daytona? Submariner? What model do you have and what is the rarity? Vintage and limited edition timepieces always add more value.

Next, we take a look at the actual condition your watch is in. This means we go over every scratch or nick. The better condition your watch is in, the more money you’ll get. Have you got a Rolex watch in mint condition? Get ready for a big payout!

Does your Rolex watch have any after-market parts or had any repairs? Does it still keep good time? This is another way we determine value.

Come in for an appraisal to find out the exact value of your watch.


Instant Quote For Your Rolex



Instant appraisals mean instant cash

When you come into Prestige Buyers for an appraisal, we have one of our expert jewellers give you a fast and easy valuation. Alternatively, we can send one of our trusted and experienced buyers to come to your home or place of work. We can appraise your Rolex watch in under an hour. Our team members are seasoned appraisers and know how to determine your watch’s worth almost immediately.

Once we have completed our appraisal, it’s time for us to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Best prices in the United Kingdom!

Our only interest is to offer you a fair market price for your Rolex watch. At Prestige Buyers, we pride ourselves in offering you the best prices in all of the United Kingdom. We will match any other legitimate offer you have. And the best part? We pay you instant cash.

As soon as your appraisal is complete, we present our offer. Once you accept, we give you instant cash. Walk-in and walk out with cash in hand in less than 60 minutes!

Not sure if your watch will sell?

If you own an authentic Rolex, there is always a buyer out there. No matter the condition of your watch, we will be able to make an offer. Even if you feel your watch is in poor condition, it’s always worth coming in for an official appraisal. You may be surprised how much your Rolex watch is actually worth!

Instant Quote For Your Rolex

Ready to trade in your Rolex watch for instant cash? We take same-day appointments and make the process easy and fun. Who doesn’t like to walk out with a handful of cash?

Schedule an appraisal today!